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About Us

McGhee Honey Farms was founded in early summer of 1989 when Skeet Sanders took his son-in-law Terry McGhee as an apprentice and began to show him the joy and intricacies of bee keeping. Terry began with two hives that summer. At the end of that summer, Terry had accumulated 22 hives! Terry enjoys catching wild swarms; which not only grows his business but also alleviates a nuisance to the public when that swarm decides to make their home in inconvenient locations. Working with these new and growing hives over the next few years helped Terry realize that his dream of owning a family business was within reach.

Evelyn McGhee, Terry’s sister, came on board next and worked closely with Terry to learn the business. Evelyn loves to research facts and found that natural, raw honey has tremendous health benefits. She found that honey can be used to substitute processed and refined sugars. She began to use this knowledge and share with everyone that she came into contact with.

Danny McGhee joined the team a few years later. He wanted to focus on the well-being and overall health of the hives.

The final addition came in the spring of 2008 when Jerry McGhee and his wife Paula joined McGhee Honey Farms. They enjoy many aspects of the business and especially the many vendors they’ve built a strong business relationship with as well as lasting friendships.

Now it is officially a “family-owned business!” All members of the McGhee family regularly attend shows, farmer’s markets, and other events to showcase their growing and diverse product line. We enjoy new business from stores as well as individual private customers. Welcome to McGhee Honey Farms!